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How (Not) to Get a Job in Science - Part 2 - The Interview

My last post ended up getting a lot more views than the typical code-heavy Cheminformatics stuff that I write.  I thought it might be useful to write a follow-up to share some of my views on the interview process.   Fear not, faithful readers, I haven’t sold out and become a pundit.  Posts with code will resume shortly.  As with the previous post, these are my views, other hiring managers and organizations may see the world differently. My last post laid out some of my thoughts on writing a CV and getting a hiring manager to notice your application.  In this post, we’ll cover the next steps, the phone screen, and the interview. The Phone Screen The interview process usually begins with a phone screen.  In some cases, your preliminary phone screen may be with someone from a company’s HR group, in other cases the phone screen may be with the hiring manager.  For me, the phone screen serves a number of purposes.  More than anything, I want to understand how you, the candidate, are goi